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Little Rose Creek

Little Rose Creek is an integral part of
the Upper Oconee Watershed.


Our mission as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit is Fundraising for Environmental Preservation, Conservation, Beautification, and Education on our pristine 21 acres at Little Rose Creek

in Oconee County Georgia.

Buds of Little Rose consists of:

*Little Rose Nature Adventures,

*Little Rose Organics Farm,

*and Little Rose Cottage and Gardens

venue for small events and concerts.

  Our wish is to connect children and adults to nature and support our community with locally grown organic produce, music, and soul nourishing events. 

Through hands-on education, children and adults learn organic gardening practices, healthful living, and nature stewardship through art and activities!

Melissa & Michael Steele

2421 Elder Mill Road

Watkinsville, GA 30677


After 28 years of renting the glorious 94 acres of this property, we now own 21 acres (lots 1 & 2)

 and our neighbors purchased the remaining 70 acres!

It is TEMPORARILY saved from residential development, but the neighbors who purchased it may sell it at some point, so

it's not completely safe. Our hope is that once they decide to sell, we will find partners to collaborate with us to get it back.  


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