This land has been farmed since 1807, when the very first Elder family member,

David, came to Georgia from Virginia.  

The land is terraced from many years of cotton farming, yet surprisingly our soil and water are in

pristine condition.  Other than evidence of earlier flawed practices causing some areas of erosion,

this farm is has the potential to be productive in sustainable applications.

We are thrilled to be on-going farm partners with University of Georgia's Capstone Projects, for which we have eight applications for sustainable improvements to our farm.

We have been teaching farming and nature programs to local children

since 2012 through our much loved
Little Rose Nature Adventures

From our first tiny vegetable garden in 1993 we have grown into

a small working farm selling fresh vegetables to local restaurants and friends.

We recently added a state-of-the-art hydroponic farm! 

We are thrilled with the fact that it is a game-changer for production and income for our farm. 

We are now able to provide local, organically grown, perfectly clean lettuce, YEAR ROUND

which can go from tower to bag in moments with no washing necessary. 

Growing lettuce in Georgia was previously a 5 month window of production due to heat,

not to mention the added work of removing soil from the plants and keeping insects under control.

Enjoy the photos below of some of our favorite farm moments!

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2421 Elder Mill Road Watkinsville, GA 30677