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Mushroom Pluggin' Day
January 24, 2022      1:00 pm
January 29, 2022     10:30 am
February 26, 2022    10:30 am
March 26, 2022        10:30 am

COVID SAFE OUTDOOR EVENT for Kids AND adults. This is a great way to do a parent/child or friends fun day. It works best with a helper! We are clearing overgrown trees from our blueberry field, and YOU get the benefit of repurposing the logs! Our pals Buddy & Ken are going to have the logs cut and ready for us to drill our holes (cordless drill owner? Bring 'em if ya got 'em and don't forget to charge them up the night before) We supply the spawn plugs in many mushroom varieties, and the wax to seal them. It's pretty fun! You take two logs home and leave one for the farm! We show you how to maintain your log so that in about 9 months you have on-going mushroom supply for yummy meals in your own kitchen.
$30 per pair of people (parent/child, pair of kids, or pair of adults) 


November's Randall Bramblett Band Concert
was a success and so much fun!
Stay tuned for more music events in 2022!
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