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Little Rose Blueberry Field was established long before we were here, present even before John Englishmoved the house here! 

It was established by the previous owner, George Schneider. 

It has produced large and lush organic blueberries since the mid 1980's.  Blueberry plants have a life span of about 25 years, so our plants have miraculously outlived their predicted life and are in need of extreme pruning, and the field has become overgrown with privet, sweetgum, and blackberry brambles.  However, the creekside flood plain soil is rich and we have no reason to doubt that we can once again create a pick-your-own option once the shade is removed and the bushes are tended.  This will take a heavy equipment contractor, but he can get us back in shape within one week! 

It's expensive but highly effective!

Become a sponsor for this project and have free access to annual blueberry harvest at your chosen level!

I'd like to help restore the blueberry field:
(Total cost $9000)

(FYI: Paypal's fee is 3%)

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